The team at Audi New Orleans believes that our valued customers in the Metairie and Slidell areas deserve to have luxury available to them at their fingertips. However, we also realize that luxury can come with a steep price tag that might be impractical for your financial situation. That’s why Audi New Orleans is proud to be the greater New Orleans’ source for used luxury cars! Whether you are looking for a used luxury sedan or a used luxury SUV, the pre-owned luxury inventory at Audi New Orleans has the features and style that you love with practical pricing that you deserve. We’re here to provide you a few reasons why purchasing a used luxury car might be a benefit to you in order to make the shopping process streamlined and less stressful. 

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1. Less Depreciation

Let’s face it: It’s inevitable that when you purchase a new vehicle, luxury or not, you will experience depreciation in the car’s value. In just a few years of ownership of your vehicle, you’d be surprised how large the depreciation percentage can be! The good thing about purchasing a used luxury car? You’ll likely experience less depreciation since the largest depreciation generally has happened already. When you choose a used luxury car, depending on the model, you can have the features, sophistication, and monthly payment that works for your lifestyle without worrying about how much the value of your vehicle is decreasing. Factors that contribute to a car’s value depreciating include supply, auction prices, offers available on newer year models, and perception.

2. Superior Comfort & Convenience Features

We know that when you’re shopping for a used car you are going to be looking for a few key factors: how comfortable it is, how smooth it rides, and what all it can do. When you choose to purchase a used luxury car, you can get more bang for your buck! Luxury cars are usually the industry-leaders for the coolest technology & safety features, as well as luxe materials, so when you opt to purchase a used luxury car, you can have access to today’s top features & conveniences even if the model you choose is a few years old. Used luxury cars just make sense for the customer who wants to have their cake and eat it too. 


3. You Deserve Luxury

There’s something about the smoothness, power, and comfort of a luxury vehicle. If you have ever driven an Audi or another luxury vehicle, you know that there is no better feeling than turning heads on the highway and feeling overwhelming confidence behind the wheel. The team at Audi New Orleans believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the luxury feeling because of a price tag. Our used luxury inventory is designed to be attainable for all of our Metairie-area customers to be able to achieve their luxury-car dreams. Luxury looks good on everyone, and you can upgrade from an economy-oriented car to a used luxury car at our Audi dealership in Metairie.

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Considering making the jump to a used luxury car? Let our friendly sales staff at Audi New Orleans help you find the perfect used luxury vehicle to fit your lifestyle and your budget. You deserve to indulge in the finer things in life, and we’re here to make your dreams a reality. When you choose Audi New Orleans as your used car dealer in Metairie, you are guaranteed an exceptional shopping experience with access to convenient online tools to help you save time at the dealership! Without a shadow of a doubt, we have the used luxury car that is just right for you!

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