In preparation of Hurricane Barry, Audi New Orleans wants to prepare you with tips on how to handle a flooded vehicle. We have compiled a list of steps to follow if your car, truck or SUV is affected by high water. 

What Should I Do if My Car Has Flood Damage?

1) Survey Potential Damage - Check for a high water mark to give yourself an idea of the potential damage. DO NOT attempt to start your vehicle! Starting your car will only cause more damage, especially if there is water in the engine. 

2) Allow Your Vehicle to Dry Out - You will want to start the process of drying out your car as soon as possible to avoid further damage. 

3) Contact Your Insurance Company - Contact your insurance company to file a claim on your vehicle. 

Once your insurance company is able to survey the damage done to your car, they will be able to declare if it is a total loss. If you purchased your vehicle from Audi New Orleans and are unsure if you have GAP insurance, give us a call! We would be happy to answer all of your questions during this difficult time. 

4) If Needed, Begin the Process of Replacing your Car - After filling your claimed, gather all needed documents from your insurance company to begin the process of replacing your flooded vehicle. 

We hope that these tips are able to help you during the flooding occurring the hurricane season. Nobody likes dealing with a flooded vehicle, but if it happens, the team at Audi New Orleans is here to help! Contact our dealership today for any questions.

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